Kayaking in the Rappahannock

This past weekend, my professor, seminar peers, and I took a field trip to the Rappahannock River.  Not only was it a great bonding experience for the whole class, but we also got to see the both sides of nature that are portrayed in Cronon’s writing that we analyzed this past week. On our way down stream, the water was calm and the clouds were white. It was a very peaceful journey. We then stopped a small bank to park our boats and go swimming. Shortly after getting in the water, it began to harshly storm. Thunder was heard as the intense raindrops shook the branches of the treeline that we congregated under for shelter. Lightning could be seen in the distance. After about twenty minutes of us standing in the ever-sinking mud, the storm seemed to be letting up. We took this opportunity to paddle back upstream to where we began our adventure at. This was definitely the right choice because the weather almost instantly cleared up. It became beautiful again, just how it was when we had started rowing. A heron even flew by us, adding to the awesome experience. It wasn’t long until we finally arrived back to our shore and began heading back to campus. One doesn’t get many chances to see both mystifying sides of nature in one day. As someone who doesn’t go into nature often, I am grateful to have had this opportunity.

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  1. I had so much fun on the river! Watching you and Braden was a hoot but you guys are going to be a powerhouse when working together on projects and such. I am so happy you came with us.

  2. It was a few summers ago. My family and I went to the Rappahannock River for a swim. My step dad and my other siblings, along with me were in boat. The water was rapidly pulling us downstream. We managed to get help from guy in the water.

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