Analyzing Mistral

Recently, I have been given the task to present an analysis of a Gabriela Mistral poem. Having not read any material beforehand, I decided to pick my selection based on the title. With that said, I have chosen to present “The Worrier”. After reading it and doing my research on the facets of nature mentioned within the text, I feel that there is a lot of metaphorical material to cover.

Mistral’s ideas in “The Worrier” definitely relate to environmentalism on a deeper, more intimate level just as Abram’s work does. Mistral expresses that nature can be referred to as “more-than-natural” by comparing the different aspects of the changing seasons to those of the feelings that one gets when their lover must leave them. She makes the reader feel a connection to the environment by describing the earth as “loveless” when the sun recedes during the winter as opposed to when she describes the warm waters and winds full of passion when the humid weather makes a swift, steadfast return to her. This poem is easily able to conjure up emotional connection in anyone, including me, because we all have at least that one person or group of people that we miss dearly whenever we part from them.

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  1. Ivy, the poem you chose sounds amazing. I can relate to missing one person or a group of people whenever I am away from them. You’re actually one of those people since we hang out a decent amount of the time! I love how Mistral describes the Earth as “loveless”. That is so true in the winter. Love radiates heat, whereas the winter is freezing and dry.

  2. Similarly to my poem “The Earth,” Earth is shown as a loving being. I believe the same thing. Earth provides us with food , water, shelter , and clothing. Earth is a giver, better than we are at giving back to it.

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